jeudi 11 janvier 2007

Stupid is as stupid does.

"Do you think that you're going to remember everything forever?"
"Are you talking about memory?"
"Yeah, sometimes while I'm doing things I think I'm going to remember them for the rest of my life, and then I forget about them."

"I'm Borat Junior. No, I'm Borat petit."
Installment #2 of The State of Dating in LA. Poor Lou. We go to his wine bar, and then we egregiously eavesdrop on people having dates. Well, rather than "eavesdropping", I like to think of it as "paying attention to what's being said in shared space." And then we make fun of them behind their backs. And then try get the rest of the staff in on it as well, who really really want to participate but (smartly) need to remain professional.

(And the staff wonders why I don't bring dates there. I am smarter than that! Also, the last time I brought a male friend - not even a date! - there, they made faces at me all night long and waggled their brows suggestively. It's like going to a place run by my family or my best friends. Best friends/family who aren't going to get to meet anyone I go out with until I deem it is okay. After about 50 gazillion dates - by which point I'll probably have already been sick of him and will have started over anew.)

But if people on said dates weren't so lame - well, then. I wouldn't have anything to write about. And I didn't ask for them to be lame; they just are. So really. I am just an exceedingly observant member of society. And I take field notes. Sorta like an anthropologist. That is all.