mercredi 4 octobre 2006

The state of dating in LA.

Monday night, I had the great honour of experiencing what might have been the worst date EVER, in the whole entire world. Here are a few snippits:
"A lot of my exes have been Asian. Asian girls love Italian men. They were totally into me, but I wasn't into them. I'm lazy. It was easy. And they were so into me, and you know, I'm lazy."

When asked to STOP talking about all his exes already, he barreled right on ahead with, "Hahaha, there's more... back in high school..." (emphasis mine.)
There'd be more, but I was too busy making fun of him with my friend and the owner of my favourite wine bar. (Maybe I should start abbreviating it "MFWB".) That's right - fortunately, I wasn't on said date, but rather just egregiously eavesdropping on that horrendous date. Not that the guy noticed - he was too wrapped up in himself and talking too loudly to realise what was happening in the world around him. And yes, it was a date - both the owner and another guy at the wine bar said her body language totally said "date". Although had I been in her position, even if on the date, my body language would have said, "No amount of good wine in the world is worth this asshat."

That's not to say I haven't met my fair share of interesting characters too. For instance, there's the cute pilot who's unfortunately mean to cats. He doesn't abuse them, but he's not the nicest person when it comes to cats (and the story I've heard only involves one cat; I don't think he's a repeat offender). I've been trying to figure out how I feel about that, since (sorry all you cat owners) I'm not the biggest cat person either, but my friends have been ix-naying him. And then there was this other guy who works on one of my favourite TV shows, but not only did he ask a host of weird questions (in addition to trying to get me to come to him at the bar - HAHA! I move for nobody, I am like the mountain), he was Dutch (which isn't necessarily synonymous with "odd", but in this case is) and said he was "sort of seeing someone." Stupid, stupid. I'm tired just thinking about these people.

Anyway, I realise that I'm busy every night from now until past the first weekend of November - how I'm going to balance this with school, who knows! Good thing I have 5-day weekends!