mercredi 31 août 2005

Still nothing.

Just like the title said. I was going to post a picture of the cool pin my friend bought me as part of my "Welcome back to LA!!!!" present that says "No longer with stupid", but there. I just told you about it.

I could also write about the fact that my car is still in Boston, sans moi, but I fear that the post would then just degenerate into a lot of swear words in bold all caps 500 pt. font. So no.

It is so very interesting that nobody commented on the "Men, women, and Darwin" article. You think I noticed that oversight? Hardly!

I sent the same article out to a couple of friends, who then forwarded it onto their friends and family, and the same response was recieved:
It seems that men want somebody intelligent enough so that they can recognize the man's brilliance, but not necessarily enough to challenge them — or so smart that they find someone else more interesting.
Please discuss.

(I am still in the throes of unpacking and trying to get as many boxes out of my apartment as I can before I go away for the weekend. I have my own thoughts on this and will probably post them in the comments at some point. But if you want a preview, these thoughts involve Nick, putting one's foot quite squarely in one's mouth, and a very angry-revving-up-her-feminist-guns me. I might have written about this already, actually.)

(Games, you want! Fine! Play The Princess's Tiara, which has a great name. It is a not-terribly-difficult-in-concept game, but can be frustrating regardless. And they address you by "Princess [insert name here]". I love it.)