mercredi 18 mai 2005

Their name conjures up drinking!

It's like my mandatory week of culture.

Last Friday was the ballet, where we got a little drunk beforehand, oops.
This Saturday is also the ballet. We might get a little drunk before then too, hee. I mean, I'm only going to have one paper left at that point.

But tonight, tonight might be the night I'm the most excited about, because it's only my most favourite group playing at the Boston Symphony. Hrm, okay, fine, I guess they're playing with the Pops, but no matter.

Yes, I have tons of work. But under pressure, I somehow become a very effective time manager. And it's not like I was going to pass up an opportunity to see Pink Martini - I'm upset that I was at the beach over New Year's and couldn't see them at the Disney Concert Hall. Okay. Not that upset. The beach was so much fun.

But in the HAPPIEST coincidence ever, they are playing at the Hollywood Bowl ON MY BIRTHDAY. With Bebel Gilberto opening.

I mean, could it get any better? Music I love (which is rare, because I generally don't care thus resulting in my knowing virtually nothing about any music scene), accompanied by picnicking and wine, in the lovely LA night.

Now, I just need to rally the troops and find out who'll be around then, so I can get tickets. Because it is unusual that I want to celebrate my birthday (I just ignored it last year), but this year, this year when I turn a square number, which obviously is a lucky year because my birthdate is composed of two square numbers which in turn, when multiplied together is another square number, not to mention all the digits in my birthday (including the year) add up to that same square number as the date and the month (sorry for that digression), I am going to milk it for all it's worth. In other words, I have nothing to do yet for the entire month of September (school doesn't start 'til the end of the month) - unless someone wants to take a trip somewhere? Warm? Where they don't speak English? - so I might as well party the month away.