samedi 15 janvier 2005

Belated New Year's Eve.

So, destiny was once again thwarted, as my friends decided they were too sick to drive down to New Haven. No matter, I was dead exhausted after my red eye and besides, I've already slept with a guy who went there, and really, my goal is to get a guy from each Ivy. I only have two schools left. The goals I set for myself.* So, I decided to post New Year's Eve pictures instead, since I finally downloaded my pictures to the computer.

Sunset at the beach.

Play a game: count the number of bottles of wine. Then realise that that's only the red. Count the number of liquor bottles as well, and realise that those are only the visible ones. I'd say count the beer also, but you can't see the enormous quanitites of beer he purchased.

The obligatory mise-en-place for pizza preparation.

Pizza cooking in the pizza oven. Every beach house should have a pizza oven.

My friend Lisa, and what she brought as ID: her ATM card and her Starbucks card. Note the black X on her hand. That was supposed to keep her from being able to drink. HAHA.

*Before you go on thinking, wow, what a shallow brat - really, I'm being facetious. I do not sleep with guys based on where they went to school. I sleep with them based on the amount of money in their wallet.**
** Okay, that was another joke. It's all about good looks and the ability to carry on intelligent discourse.