lundi 16 mai 2005

Sticky ribs.

You know that you and a friend had perhaps a few too any pre-ballet martinis when you say things like, "Yeah, Lilac Fairy, very interesting choice, especially with all these men in tights" and "I bet the Lilac Fairy says, 'You too straight! You get outta here!'"

We try so hard to be cultured, and it just gets derailed by alcohol.

(That Sleeping Beauty is my most favourite fairy tale might explain some of my warped views towards ideal relationships. Then again, that Alice in Wonderland was another favourite story might explain my nuttiness. But enough about my charming neuroses.)

Anyway. There was this recipe for baby back ribs in the latest issue of Gourmet, so it was time for another dinner party!

That empty space in the middle of the pan? I had to nibble on a rib as I took then out of the oven to make sure they were edible, you see. The meat fell right off the bone, they were so tender and juicy. And they were so easy (marinate for a couple of hours! Pop into the oven for a bit!) to make that this recipe will definitely have to become part of my repertoire. If only I had a cooking repertoire. I generally can't be bothered to make the same recipe twice for parties. I mean, that's like all of the fun of preparing for parties, thinking up the menu. And it's gotta be sparklin' brand new every time.

BUTTERY MASHED POTATOES. Yum. Lots of butter. Lots of garlic. (A little basil.) Absolute heaven. The little bowl has dairy-free mashed potatoes for a friend who is allergic to All Products Dairy. We're talking Epi pen allergic. The most tragic part of all of it is that these were adult-onset allergies, so she knows the dairy heaven that she's missing out on.

And even though I hate baking, I made this pistachio cake that I'd been meaning to make for awhile. I just love pistachios. Impatience does NOT pay off in baking - I was a little hasty and removed the cake from the pan before it was cool enough, and some of the bottom got stuck in the pan. So I tried to cover it up with the pistachio glaze. It's not as pretty as it should be. The cake itself, however, still tasted great - buttery and pistachio-y and crumbly. Interestingly enough, it was reminiscent of coconut, although there was no coconut in the recipe. There is tons of cake left, given that there were only three of us (there were four at dinner, but remember, one has dairy allergies and this cake had a lot of butter) and one big-ass cake. If you would like some, hm, well, it's too bad you don't live here, isn't it.

Over chocolate martinis (which we'd actually been drinking throughout dinner - always trouble when chocolate martinis are had! Equal parts creme de cacao and vanilla vodka, if you're interested, with a drop of Godiva liqueur if you're feeling especially decadent, and a cocoa powder rim if you're fancy. I had actually wanted mint juleps, but nobody else did, grr) we looked up a classmate's porn website, and nearly lost our dinners. The website was a secret, even though I was told a couple months ago, and I was so good and did not tell anyone else at school. But then, apparently, some guy in the school was looking at porn and came across her site, and well, now the whole school knows. Oh well. It doesn't get any less worse the more times you look at it. Eek!

And then we continued drinking chocolate martinis and tried on party dresses until 1am. You think I'm kidding. Oh, but I'm not. Couldn't have had a girlier night. Well, the ribs and mashed potatoes could've been replaced with anemic tea sandwiches and baby carrots, but hey, YUM. Give me comfort food anytime.