mardi 17 mai 2005

Procrastinatory geekiness

You have, say, oh, about two more papers to write in the next week, and two to edit. ONE IS DUE TOMORROW. THEN ONE WEDNESDAY. AND ONE FRIDAY. AND ONE NEXT MONDAY. So what do you do?

Tweedle comes over to fax something, and then the two of you end up getting jealous that her boyfriend (of getting guys to kiss him in bars fame - that was a brilliant matchmaking job, if I say so myself) has, as she calls it, "really really cool IM", and the both of you decide that DAMMIT, YOU WANT COOL IM ALSO. NO MORE OF THIS BORING AIM INTERFACE.

So you ask him what he has, and he responds, "Mac attack". He has cool IM because apparently it's part of his OS (which he claims to have explained to her many times, and she refuses to get it.) Dammit. That's a sucky answer, and Just Not Fair. So then you two decide to look up all the alternative windows IM clients. Dude, there are a LOT. Trillian you already had and didn't like - it wasn't cool enough to warrant the switch over from AIM. GAIM said that it was a "simple and elegant" interface, but NO, you want flashy and complicated. Miranda has a scary logo and the two of you decided that you didn't want it either.

Really. There are a lot of IM thingys out there.

And then you stumbled upon Pandion.

Look! Cool screenshots!

And the two of you were sold.

Malheursement, the settings on your computer are default French (another fit of procrastination) and you never figured how to turn them back to English. It's generally not a problem, except when you are trying to install new software et toutes les instructions sont en français. Merde. Vraiment, c'est la merde, especially when you're trying to figure out how to transfer your réseaux AIM to Pandion.

(Teehee. The blocked list - you know, the list of people you Do Not want to IM you, is called une liste noire in French.)

And there goes the rest of your working that night. Of course, the fun features are only seen if the other person gets Pandion. (At least, you think there are more fun features, you can't really tell because you don't know computer geek French, and refuse to switch over to the English version because you have your pride.)


I really don't know what I'm going to do once Tweedle moves to NY and starts teaching again. I'm going to have to find another procrastination partner.

The quote of the night, said by Tweedle, "It's a good thing I have a boyfriend, because now I'd never get one, I'm such a geek."

Ah, sigh. Dammit. Still single in this court. I'm going to find someone who adores me in spite of my massive dorkiness, hrmph.

But ooh. Look. Gush looks cool. Don't worry, we downloaded it too, so we can compare and contrast. It's important being an informed consumer, you know.. (and I don't understand how to use it, there are no real instructions, argh).

Apparently, though, none of these are as cool as the Mac one. Oh well. We're trying.