jeudi 6 décembre 2007

What I have done since my exams ended.

*Went and had my three martini lunch as soon as I turned in the suckers.

*Bought a Chanel purse after all (but in the caviar leather instead of lambskin). There are no words that can properly express my glee every time I look at it.

*Drank more.

*Made a dulce de leche cheesecake for Thanksgiving, along with a gingerbread roll with lemon cream and vegan chocolate mousse (something for everyone!)

*Had another wine night. Soaves were the theme this time, the winning one being the 2005 Pieropan Soave Classico - again my pick! (I am also always a big fan of the Prà Soave Classico). Dinner was supposed to be a porchetta, but I found out the butcher gave me the wrong cut, so it became a pork loin roast instead, which luckily turned out well, seasoned with fennel, lemon, bay leaves, and grains of paradise. (There were rosemary roasted potatoes as well.) Dessert was a torta di mele al burro, which was the biggest dessert hit yet.

*Made button wreath ornaments for an ornament swap.

*Went to Disneyland! The happiest place on earth, because it is the cleanest.

*Drank more. My liver LOVES me.

*Found out that I need to move my preliminary orals up by three months, as one of my committee members is going on sabbatical in the spring. ARGH.

*Made mendiants, this year's holiday present (aka bribe) for professors and others with whom I work.

*I mean, the bartender just kept pouring lychee martinis. What was I going to do, refuse them? Quelle horreur!