dimanche 23 décembre 2007

Nemo and the french fries say Merry Christmas.

I finally decided that I really needed a Christmas tree. Unfortunately, I could not find a 4-foot iridescent white one, so I settled for silver tinsel. It's sparkly. I quite like it.

There's a hot dog ornament as well as a pizza slice ornament on there also. But I didn't buy the hamburger one, because I decided that I didn't need a full junk food tree, just mostly a junk food Christmas tree.

Also, doesn't it seem that Christmas is often synonymous with baking? I made a chocolate hazelnut torte for a holiday party, as well as Mexican wedding cakes, rugelach pinwheels, and whole wheat sables with chocolate nibs for our wine night. I am totally cookie-d out. Also liquor-ed out - do you think it's a sign that maybe you drink too much when the bartender at your Monday night drinking spot invites you to his holiday party? And that, at the party, other waitresses from the restaurant recognise you and your friends as "the girls who can hold their martinis"? Just wondering.

Happy holidays! Maybe there be lots of cookies and martinis!