lundi 8 octobre 2007

Think pink!

070918 005

One of the most absolutely worst ideas ever is flying hungover. I'm trying to think of something that would equal that miserable pain, but I'm hard-pressed at the moment. But it's something I completely forgot the last time I took a trip. I mean, wouldn't it be a grand idea to have a wine tasting at my house? Wine tasting! Fun!

070918 008
Why, yes, I also made the wine bags so that we could have a blind tasting.
I wanted them to match, you see.

I've long wanted to start some sort of wine club, where friends and I get together to have relatively organized tastings to learn more about wine. I love me some wine, but I don't remember as much as I should about it, which is just pitiful given that I've worked in the wine section of an auction house and at a wine bar. So it was time for a wine club, hosted at my place (I like having parties!), so that we can hopefully learn more about wine. That, or just drink some more.

The theme last month was sparkling pink rosés. (The best thing about hosting this is that I get to choose the themes). Finding ones that ran under $20 was more difficult, but not impossible.

070918 002

And, of course, I cooked. Keeping in theme (also, given that Funny Face was my inspiration behind my choice - think pink!), I made a more French-themed meal, with pissalidières accompanied by a simple green salad, some cheese with homemade fig jam, and for dessert, cannelés! The latter is one of my most favorite treats, but bakeries around me (the few that make them) charge dearly for them. I don't understand why. They're so ridiculously easy to make that now I'm going to be making them all the time. Or I would be, if I didn't want to gain 50 pounds.

070918 001

We tried a couple different crémants d'Alsace, a crémant de Bourgogne, and other pinks as well. The winner (we rated wines based on a standard wine tasting scoring sheet) was - yay! - one that I chose, a Cerdon de Bugey. It was so effervescent that when I took off the wire cage keeping the cork in, the cork popped off by itself. I bought it from the guy who owns my favorite wine bar, so I got it at a marked discount, although you can find it here (unfortunately, you'll have to be put on the waiting list). If you can get your hands on it, I highly recommend it.

070918 019
By the end of the night...
(and yes, one person didn't really read the email and
brought a regular rosé, not a sparkling one. Oh well.)

Just, next time, I'm not scheduling any wine tastings when I have to wake up at 5am the next day to fly somewhere. Even all the McDonald's in the world didn't help that hangover.

(Grr.. I am having problems with my borders, but am too lazy to figure out why.)