dimanche 14 octobre 2007

Studying's taken all the words out of me...

... so pictures will have to do.

That trip I took waaay back in September? (It seems so long ago.) A friend and I decided to hie on down to Nashville, for some rest and relaxation before school started anew. (No, I don't really remember why we chose Nashville as opposed to some other city. It's just one of those things that happens.)

Highlights of the trip:

*Finding out that apparently, in the South, "biscuit" also means a hot girl. At least according to a Vandy grad.

*Said Vandy grad owns a restaurant in Nashville, and had us consult on a new cocktail list they were drawing up. And by consult, I mean trying out their new cocktails. If ever there was a perfect job for me...

*Speaking of biscuits, eating as many biscuits as humanly possible in 4 days...

*...Along with drinking as much sweet tea as I could. No wonder I didn't sleep the entire trip.

*Oh yeah, and eating as much meat, preferably fried, as I could as well. I think I left Nashville with my arteries partially clogged.

*Not sure if this is really a "highlight", but being asked by a middle-aged biker if I had ever been kidnapped. This was after he and his friends had requested a picture with us, and (ew!) after he asked if it was okay if he kissed me on the cheek (ew! I cringe just thinking of this now!) You have never seen me leave a bar faster.

*Coming up with the "spectrum of hotness" and the "spectrum of intelligence." Seriously, pure genius. If only it could be bottled. It'd probably reek of vodka but be effervescent like prosecco.

*Seeing Crystal Gayle, and a whole host of other moderately famous folk and bluegrass singers, at a birthday party at the Bluebird Café.