dimanche 30 septembre 2007

This totally falls under the heading of, "That's so damn easy, why didn't I do it before?"

So, did you hear the one about how microwave popcorn can give you cancer?

Yes, I know that's relatively old news, but still. I love popcorn as a snack, but given those news, and the fact that I'm trying to eat less food with chemicals, that was enough to turn me off microwaveable popcorn. That, and the fact that I could never pop a perfect bag; I always end up with either too many unpopped kernels or too many burnt ones.

But! You can pop microwave in a pot on the stove! This is really old news, and I've had friends who prepare it this way, but for some reason it never occurred to me that I could do it myself. But you can, and this makes the best popcorn ever! Now there's no reason to ever buy microwaveable popcorn again.

It's so simple. I do everything by eye, so don't have any real measurements. But since I started making popcorn this way, I've never had a bad bowl of popcorn.

Pour some canola oil into a medium-sized pot. (I have three pots, and I use the medium-sized one. I have no idea how big it really is.) Add some salt at this time - apparently, salt at popcorn-popping temperatures doesn't burn! And, by adding the salt now, it gets better distributed. Add three kernels of popcorn, cover the pot, and wait for the three kernels to pop. When they've popped, add the rest of your popcorn - somewhere in between 1/4 to 1/3rd of a cup is enough for me. At this time, I like to add the rest of my seasonings as well - less than a teaspoon is probably sufficient, adjust depending on what you're using (unless you're using sugar - thought I'd make kettle corn, but did that result in some nasty burned crap - or cheese). Put the lid back on, give your pot a good swirl, and wait for all the popcorn to pop. That's it! So simple!

Why is my popcorn slightly green, you ask? Because lately, I've become a total spirulina junkie, and I'm not the only one. Not to share too much, but it's totally helped me with any digestive issues I may or may not have had.

And why yes, that was Crystal Gayle in the picture in the post below. But how I ended up seeing her sing, well, that's for another time.