mardi 10 juillet 2007

I'm just a lazy writer these days.

You know how sometimes, all it takes is the merest suggestion of a disease and you instantly think you've contracted it? Oh, wait, that's only me? Sigh. Anyways, I volunteer at a preschool on Friday mornings, and one of the children was rubbing her eye... and then one of teachers told me that that particular child's father recently had pinkeye..

..And next thing you know, why, didn't my left eye feel like it was on fire.

(It turned out that there was just an eyelash in my eye. No conjunctivitis for me!)

So I could write about the day trip we took up to Santa Barbara, in which we manage to cram in tanning on the beach, wine tasting, antique shopping, drinks with a friend who lives there, and a couple of good meals.. but you got the whole summary of our trip, right there. Maybe another time.

And anyways. I'm in Oregon for the week. The trip will pretty much be a repeat of this, although hopefully without the large scary bug.