lundi 11 juin 2007

Procrastination and improvisation.

You know how you can pretty much be 100% sure that you don't want to see a guy anymore? When you realise that you'd rather do homework than call him back, let alone go out with him again. Yes, that's pretty much a definite right there.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Yes, homework. Really. I was so productive the last couple of weeks.


In my quest to Spend More Time outdoors, my friends and I decided to go to one of those outdoor movie screenings. I have tried to go to Shakespeare in the Park (in whichever city I've lived in - seems like all big cities have something along these lines) in the past, but, and it might be blasphemous to say so, I really am not the biggest fan of performed Shakespeare. I've been to performances since I was 15, and it's never done it for me. I always end up 1) falling asleep, 0r 2) leaving somewhere around the first act.

Back to the movies. The gates opened at 7:30. I thought I was being all smart and clever by getting to the cemetery by 7:20, figuring I'd drive around a bit to look for street parking before probably having to eventually park in the parking lot.... only to be stuck in the most horrendous line of non-moving traffic I have ever experienced. By 7:50, I had moved precisely half a block.

No wait, a little bit more.

2/3rds of a block.

Frustrated, I called my friends whom I was meeting there and told them I was leaving, I didn't even know what the movie of the night was even about. Similarly stuck in non-moving traffic, they said they were going to abandon their post as well... and since we had all the picnic food, and my apartment was the closest one to the cemetery, well, we'd just have a picnic at my apartment.

Yes, the lawn chairs and picnic blankets were still brought out and we had a jolly ol' picnic in my apartment watching a far funnier movie.

(You know, I could spend my morning working on my last final, or I could go to the movies. Guess what wins? Really, why isn't there someone around to whom you don't want to talk when you need it?)