vendredi 15 juin 2007

As soon as I finish editing this one stupid paper, I am DONE for the academic year! Yet, still procrastinating.

Ideas for dates that interest me not at all:

*Shark petting
*Going to a Dodgers game
*Watching cage fighting
*Walking on coals
*Having a Star Wars marathon
*Going paintballing

Game for you: guess which have been suggested to me recently! And guess which I've gone on!

(I am trying to come up with more repulsive [to me, at least] ideas, but am having problems. My head hurts.)

Anyways, do you find yourself with a plethora of strawberries and basil, and you just don't know what to do with them? Why, you could make yourself some strawberry basil pesto, which is an interesting twist on your regular ol' plain basil pesto. I think I used more strawberries than I was supposed to, since my pesto is markedly pink, whereas the one in the picture in the recipe link isn't, but surprisingly, the strawberry taste isn't overwhelming. Were I to make this in the future (ooh, what a lovely Valentine's day dish this would make, or something for a baby shower, or some other girly event), I'd probably return to using pine nuts, or I'd make sure the almonds were really well ground up. While I show it above with pasta, can you imagine it tossed with heirloom tomatoes? Oh, now that would be a really felicitous marriage of flavours indeed. Or, ooh, who is having a dinner party this weekend where this would serve as the basis for a lovely canapé?