jeudi 3 mai 2007

Everything's better with a little bacon.

While I've been making this shredded carrot and avocado salad an awful lot lately (I love carrots, I love avocados, and I top it all with a little chopped egg and boy, I definitely love eggs), all the sugar* in the carrots ends up giving me an awful sugar high, resulting in me crashing a short time later and desperately wanting to take a nap. Of course, this is all so very well-timed, as I eat the salad during the first half of class, and end up yawning the rest of the time.

*Okay, so I was trying to figure out the glycemic index for carrots, and it turns out they don't raise your blood sugar after all. So I'm just bored in class, then.

Anyways. I decided to change it up a little with lunch. Even if carrots aren't as high as previously thought on the glycemic index, I still get a mild sugar rush after eating that much shredded carrot in one sitting. So I cobbled something together out of some pantry staples. Made some lentils (good lil' French lentils, of course). While those were cooking, I chopped up some bacon (I did not claim this recipe was the healthiest, although this is the only fat I use in the entire recipe) and fried it up. After the bacon was crisp, I removed it to drain, and tossed the remaining bacon grease and some red wine vinegar with the cooked, drained lentils. Then, I added some chopped red bell pepper, some chopped parsley, and mixed it all up, adding back the chopped bacon.

So easy, so tasty, and no nasty sugar rush. Plus, this meal is actually filling, unlike the carrot salad where afterwards all I want are some Cheetos.

Hey! Yay! I'm off to Portland, Oregon, this weekend for some fun fun times. How could it not be fun, given that I will definitely be here? Everything's also better with some wine.