lundi 30 avril 2007

My weekend, in brief, with pictures.

I wonder what it says about me when I go to a book festival (where there are a Great Number of booths and books) and end up with only 1) a children's book and 2) the above poster. What can I say? I love Hilary Knight. And his illustrations. And I love love love Eloise.

(Okay, at the festival, I also heard some very interesting people talk about food and saw a really hot chef make some food. Good news: He's moved out to LA. Commence stalking! Bad news: He is SHORT. And a wee bit of an asshat.)

Note to self: Buy more flowers for the apartment. Even amidst all the clutter, they still cheer things up. These gerbera daisies were originally sort of wilty, so I left the stems longer so they'd droop more attractively over the edges of the vase. But then, they perked right up in the water, the stems becoming stick straight. And they're so pretty. So yes, buy more flowers. Although, in order to make my favourite farmers' market on Sunday to get flowers, this would probably have to entail me not being so hungover I sleep 'til noon. Hm. Drink less? No, not an option. Buy flowers from supermarket then, I guess.

Great option for leftover baguette slices? French toast! I like to sprinkle mine with sugar immediately after transferring them to the plate - the sugar melts a little and becomes a nice little sweet crust. Yum! They are even cuter because they are small. (You can't really tell how small and cute they are in the above picture because the plate is small too.) Small things are cute. Except for perhaps small guys. (Okay, they can be cute, but I don't find them attractive. There is a difference, there.) You just wonder if they didn't drink enough milk growing up.