lundi 9 avril 2007

If pictures are a thousand words...

Well, then, I've just given you a novella.

Random thoughts:

It is very odd not being allowed to flush toilet paper. It just doesn't seem right. However, it is infinitely preferable to having your toilet stop up. Again.

Apply sunscreen. If you think you've put on enough, you probably haven't. Apply more.

WHY are there no lane markers, and very very few traffic lights, in the city?

And WHY must you tailgate incessantly?

Do you violate the concept of an eco-friendly hotel when you sleep with all the lights on because maybe you saw a cockroach one afternoon and don't want it possibly crawling over your feet at night?

Multiple piña coladas with every meal is very pleasant indeed. It's even better knowing that they're freshly made and the ingredients don't come from cans or bottled mixes.

Having a beer with your feet in the sand watching the sunset? Absolutely lovely.