lundi 16 avril 2007

8 weeks until the end of the school year!

I don't know why I don't go to brunch more often; it's the meal that makes me the happiest every time I have it. Maybe it's because I love eggs Benedict just so much. Brunch without eggs Benedict is a brunch not worth having, although the hollandaise sauce has to be good. Crappy hollandaise sauce is the pits.

So I've been terribly busy (again), hence the lack of posting. I'd apologize, but that's getting old, and I know that this quarter is a rather busy one, so my presence here will be sporadic, unfortunately. But here are a couple of my favourite.. episodes, I guess you'd call them, from the previous week:

Setting: In another class I'm TAing. We're going around the room, introducing ourselves and saying what we're interested in, etcetc. The class is a mid-level seminar on early childhood development and education. Keep in mind that the professor for this class is so old, she has grandchildren my age.
Student: I want to be the male version of Paris Hilton.

Me: [ohmygod really? Is he going to be a problem this quarter? I did not sign up for a class in divadom. Why are there so many theatre majors in this class?]

Professor: Well, then, you better hope you drew the right lottery ticket.

Setting: This volunteer leadership forum I was helping organize. I had sent out reminders to all our speakers 10 days previously, asking if they needed any special setup or equipment in their rooms. One speaker comes in, who had responded to my email with, "Nope! I'm not bringing a thing and won't need a thing!" Ah, an easy speaker, I mistakenly thought.
Speaker: Hey, can I see the schedule so I know what I'm talking about? Oh. Evaluating impact, huh? Hmm. That's going to be harder to pull together than I thought.

Me: [watching, goggle-eyed, as he proceeds to start coming up with his speech, right then and there. At least he's true to his word.]