jeudi 15 mars 2007

You BET I'm counting down the days.


Anyway, so, about a year and a half of living in this current address, I finally decided to get off my lazy behind and put up curtains. Sometimes, I'm a wee bit slow when it comes around to doing certain things. Putting away clothes, unpacking those last three boxes full of papers I have, and putting up curtains.

It's because... well, I already had window coverings. Those ugly ugly vertical blinds did their job quite well, even if they were an eyesore and annoying clacked together every time I opened the window to let the breeze in. They were utilitarian.

(Of course, this means that it's 12 days until I'm in Boston and hopefully not freezing my behind off. As much as I want to wear my fur coat, pleeeeease let it be at least in the 50s so that I don't have to ship that behemoth to the hotel.)

And I couldn't decide what colour curtains I wanted - which is so key, you know. And, I couldn't figure out how to take down those vertical blinds without ripping out chunks of the wall, which I somehow feel would not be kindly looked upon since I'm renting.

But then! In a fit of massive procrastination, I figured it all out!

(Of course, if I end up shipping my stupid coat, it will be unseasonably warm. If I do not, it will be freezing cold. I lose either way.)

It took awhile (and a couple of broken fingernails), but I took each vertical slat out of the little plastic pinchy thing holding it in place. And then, with the help of these super-duper cool hooks from Ikea, I hung the curtains by inserting the hook into the little hole in the pinchy thing, then clipping the curtain to the hook.

Of course, I had to gussy the entire operation up with some cheery ribbon bows, so that at least some of the ugliness was hidden.

(At least I will be tan even if I do freeze. That is some sort of consolation.)

Those white sheer curtains? I had to double up the number of loops per clip because Ikea only had one set left of those curtain hangers, and I didn't feel like driving to another one to look for some more. And if it looks likes the clips are just sort of resting on the rail - well, you'd be right. I couldn't figure out how else to get them up there.

The ugly vertical blinds are now all crammed under my bed, collecting further dust. And I am ever so happy with my ingenuity.

Now, if only I could get around to unpacking those last three boxes (or the three suitcases filled with winter clothes). Then I'll finally be all moved in.

(I'm shipping the stupid coat. And probably extra pairs of shoes as well.)