mercredi 7 mars 2007

This would probably be funnier if you were wasted at 10pm on a Monday night. Or if you were 15 and high.

"Let's get french fries."

"And ice cream."

"Ooh, definitely ice cream."

"How about Norm's?"

"I've never been there before. Isn't it like Denny's? I sorta feel like onion rings too."

"They have ads on TV! I'm going to call them. Los Angeles. Can you connect me to Norm's? Hello? Hi. Do you have onion rings? Hmm. Okay. Do you have french fries? What kind of french fries? Okay. Can you tell me what your dessert offerings are? That's super. Tell me, what's your stance on soft serve ice cream? Do you have any? Soft serve. Ice cream. Yes. Okay. Thanks. Thank you. Have a great evening. Okay, they have onion rings."

"Do they have soft serve?"


"McDonald's it is then."