lundi 26 février 2007

Thoughts while watching the oscars: When did all the actresses get so freaking skinny? Maybe they need to eat this dish. A lot of it.

Bread and cheese (okay, and some chard and onions). What better combination, right?

I've been wanting to make this recipe for chard, onion, and gruyère panade since I first read about it, over a year ago. Over a year ago! Why did I wait so long? How could a dish like this not be utterly scrumptious? What is up with me and my procrastination?

And utterly scrumptious it was, indeed. Warm, gooey, and soupy... I even felt a wee bit virtuous since there was the inclusion of swiss chard. I mean, a vegetable is a vegetable, even when surrounded by the happy marriage of carbs and cheese.

My only quibble is that it used up an awful lot of pans and pots to put this dish together, and I hate washing dishes (I cook so I don't have to clean up; that's always everyone else's task).

Personal cooking notes: I probably would have used more chard (I have no idea how much I used, whatever amount there is in one bunch you buy from the market), just to offset the amount of cheese and bread there was. The inclusion of red pepper flakes might not go amiss and would make the brothe a little bit punchier. Oh, and of course I don't own a large soufflé dish, so instead I used an oven-safe pot that I generally use for cooking pasta and making tomato sauces. It was perhaps not the prettiest presentation, but it worked quite fine.

I am beyond excited to take this to school for lunch today. Perhaps it'll make my lunchtime colloquium bearable.