mercredi 28 février 2007

Odds and ends.

If a place is anywhere within 1.5 miles of my apartment, I've decided that I need to walk there instead of drive (exceptions: pedicures, the library, and grocery shopping). Downsides: Getting to the place is fine, having to trudge back sorta sucks. (Finding a willing friend to drive me back is always nice.) Also: next time I decide to walk a mile in heels, I need to be stopped. I swear, I think one of my toes is broken or disjointed or something.

When drunk, I will mistakenly think you said "Poland" when you actually said "Holland," and I will then spend a large percentage of the night wondering why you speak Dutch and not Polish, and wondering if there really is an Amsterdam in Poland. No love for the pierogis? Oh. Right. More vodka, please. But it's okay, because I will still refer to you as the "Polish Guy" when later describing you to my friends, even though you're obviously not from there. And you have such pretty hair! I wish my hair was that pretty too! Too bad you are boring.

Another boring guy? A 4-year resident in orthopedic surgery. If you're going to spend the majority of your week in a career, you need to enjoy it more than just "meh". Strong as an ox, perhaps, but definitely about as smart as one too. Thank you, 4th-year-resident, for being further validation that leaving medical school was indeed the right decision. (And he said that that night was the one night out a month he has. And then tried to get me to go back to his apartment. Dude. I'm not going to be your Miss February. Where is the Polish guy with the pretty hair?)

I absolutely love J.Crew right now. I hadn't been there for, oh, about 7 years, because they were all boring khaki-and-cabled-knit-sweaters-in-unattractive-boxy-cuts, but they've changed! They're not boring anymore! They're now preppy in the way I adore - currently, it's Martha's Vineyard/Nantucket meets beachy Europe for the spring. I am in love. They have also increased the amount of navy in my wardrobe by 500%.

However, my love of Banana Republic has come to a screeching halt, because they have become all boring office-y. Really boring, and really office-y.

In addition to all the clothes I've bought recently, here are two more of my most recent favourite purchases: a firefly lamp and these recycled bottle vases (by my favourite, Tord Boontje, in conjunction with Emma Woffenden).

(Maybe I need to stop shopping.)

I am taking my first flamenco class today! (I've been wanting to do this for ages, and recently saw Sara Baras, who is phenomenal). And importantly: the shoes are cute.