mardi 23 janvier 2007

Puff pastry makes everything more sophisticated.

I'm doing quite well on the international front when it comes to meeting guys in bars. First, the Israeli yardboy (okay, he said landscape architect, but yardboy is funnier), the New Zealander who was 26-going-on-12, and now the German bonds trader who tried to hit on me by talking to my friend. Yes, it's quite the United Nations of idiots.

Anyways. I think that I like to throw parties because it gives me an excuse to make lots of little appetizers, something I usually don't indulge in when having people over for dinner because, well, it's work and takes a lot more time than throwing together a meal. This time, it was a James Bond-inspired party - inspired in the loosest sense, since all I really wanted were martinis. (And Dr. No played in the background, which was about as much theme-ing I could deal with.)

On the menu this time around:
Seriously, anything with puff pastry looks instantly lovely and grown-up and tastes good. I normally would've made it myself, but I didn't have that much free time on my hands.

Yes, please note that with the exception of the gin bottle, the shot glasses all match the bottles atop which they're resting.

And for drinks?
  • the Vesper
  • the Americano
  • the Negroni
In case you wanted to know the proportions of the drinks:

I'm a big fan of signs.

By the way, the Vesper martini, mentioned in Casino Royale? In the words of one of my friends: "It's like drinking firewater." So be warned.