lundi 8 janvier 2007

I just know that with all this temperate weather on the East coast now, there is going to be a blizzard when I make it out there in March.

Gosh, where have I been? The new year comes, and off I disappear. Nothing exciting, though - I've just been exceedingly lazy, procrastinating on everything that doesn't involve going out and drinking. Preparations for the fact that classes start (ergh, again)... today? Nope. Making an accordion book for the newest member of our supper club? Nope. Shopping? Oh wait, that's a yes. Always a yes. Drinking? Definite yes. Updating this website? Nope.

Anyhow. Apparently, I like to think that, sometimes, I can teach people manners in bars. Obviously, I'm usually tipsy when this kicks in. And I'm either bored with whom I'm talking to or have decided that they're icky. One night when out with a friend last week, I ended up talking to this very nice albeit slightly boring landscape architect. My poor friend got stuck being my wingwoman, talking to his equally boring friend whilst giving me dirty looks for having saddled her with the job. It's not my fault, I did make sure she thought he wasn't completely hideous before abandoning her. I am nice like that. And I owe her at least 10 drinks. He and his friend kept talking to each other - patently about the two of us - in Hebrew. Annoyed - because this definitely counts as rude - I turned to my guy and asked, "Do you and your friend speak French?" Upon his negative reply, I immediately started talking to my friend in French, because hey, those guys deserved it. And then he wanted to know what I'd said, and I just shrugged and said I couldn't tell him, too bad! That's me, meting out justice - or manners - wherever and whenever I can. I should wear a superhero cape while I'm doing this.

(This, however, did not dampen his desire to talk to me, as it usually does - I usually employ these tactics when I'm done with talking to someone - and in fact, since I was driving that night, he offered to pay for my friend's cab home if I wanted to go back to his place.)

And by the way, that picture above is not just mush, but it's actually the best chicken salad I've ever had. I had some leftover roast chicken sitting around, but since I hate mayonnaise I never have any in my fridge. Instead, after dicing the chicken, I tossed it in a exceedingly simple mixture of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, then added chopped almonds, diced celery, and dried cranberries. Since there's no mayo involved, it's not goopy at all and keeps rather well for a couple of days. I highly recommend it, especially since it lends itself to all sorts of nut+dried fruit combinations.