lundi 1 janvier 2007

Happy new year!

Ah yes, the new year hangover breakfast, consisting of potatoes and onions leftover from a previously roasted chicken, scrambled with eggs, and drizzled with a touch of truffle oil. With the Rose Parade on in the background, of course.

And to start off this new year, a list looking at last year's travels (where I spent at least one night), inspired by this post.
Paris, France
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
Boston, MA*
Providence, RI
Bumfuck, OR**
San Diego, CA
New York, NY
Washington, DC
Seattle, WA

*Cities visited more than once on non-consecutive days
**Okay, not its real name, but what else do you call a town of around 900 people?

Here's to more travels - and food and drink and good stories, of course - in the upcoming year.