mercredi 6 décembre 2006

Seriously, I'd move to Seattle if it had LA weather.

A conversation I should have included in the previous post:

"So, what brings you girls to Seattle?"
"We're on vacation."
"Vacation? Seattle? Where are you from?"
"Los Angeles."
"Ahh, Los Angeles. And you went on vacation? To Seattle?"

This further illustrates two points: 1) People don't go on vacation nearly enough; we started saying "holiday" in lieu of "vacation" because it got fewer puzzled looks; and 2) Who goes to cold cold places on vacation? People who think that everywhere should be warm every day of the year because they're from LA. Apparently, sometimes I forget I lived on the East coast for 7 years.

Also, people warned me that Seattle might be a more PETA-friendly than fur-friendly city, but as a matter of fact, I found it to be quite the opposite. In fact, I'm wondering if Seattle doesn't possess a larger gay population than I thought - if not gay, then rivaling parts of LA (and many of my exes) in its metrosexuality. You have NO IDEA how much attention my coat got in bars. Not me. MY COAT. It got hit on more than I did. I had groups of guys - whom I had assumed were straight, or at least cute - actually come up to me and ask me if they could touch my coat. Or maybe this is some sort of weird Pacific Northwest mating ritual of which I'm unaware. Or maybe they had never seen girls wear coats before - you have no idea the number of scantily-dressed girls (I'm talking miniskirts and tubetops, and NO sweaters, tights, or coats in sight) we saw running around in the below-4o weather.

All I know is that one guy actually rubbed his cheek against my coat, and another one told me that he was just going to stroke my coat all night long. I decided to ignore the innuendo in that latter statement, especially since he was super-drunk, super-annoying, and super-sad if it's to believed that he's lived in Seattle for a year but only has 5 friends. My coat and I weren't going to make it 7.

In fact, one rather cute guy, as we walked away from him because HELLO all this coat-touching was really weird and I needed another drink, actually told me, "It's your loss for not talking to me." Well, maybe you should stop fondling my coat first, because it's just wigging me out.

And of course we ate lots of good meals - we're voracious little foodies, after all. And because I finally learned how to embed Flikr slideshows, all the best pictures are conveniently located there (plus, I killed like 3 minutes learning how to do this - every second counts when one's procrastinating on finals).

And did I mention that amidst all the drinking (at every meal and more), shopping, touristing (we went to Pike Place Market and the Experience Music Project Museum), we got our hair cut? That's right, I went on vacation and came back with a new hairdo (and shoes and jewelry and chocolate, but that's besides the point). We randomly walked by a nice-looking hair salon and decided, on a whim, that we were overdue for a salon visit. And seriously, I got perhaps one of the better hair cuts I've had (and an absolutely fabulous scalp massage) there. Who knew that it was recently rated Seattle's best hair salon by a local magazine? Spontaneity sometimes rocks.