lundi 25 décembre 2006

Happy holidays!

Best party trick ever: the one where your cousins taught their 13-month-old baby to open her mouth and stick out her tongue every time they say, "Open your mouth." On cue. Every time. (Unless she's tired.) Even if she has food in her mouth. It never never never gets old.

Hope you're having as much fun with your family and friends!

(Edited to add: This is also a submission for Sugar High Friday #26 - Sugar art. I always want to participate in these things but never manage to make the deadline to do so. But this time I did! In case you're interested - yes, I did make this bûche de Noël. Chocolate sponge cake around coffee-flavoured whipped cream, with a quick chocolate buttercream icing. Dressed with mushroom meringues dusted with cocoa powder and candied rosemary, it took a bit of time but was definitely worth it in the end. Unfortunately, it's not on an attractive serving platter, but I had to transport it from my apartment to my aunt's house and then forgot to bring the platter along. Still tasted good!)