lundi 20 novembre 2006

Seeing that it was over 90 degrees yesterday, I don't really need to hit up a tropical climate for spring break...

So fine, this isn't a picture of a Mexican beach, but rather Malibu. But it's still pretty. I'd have posted something from Puerto Rico, since that's at least closer, but I can't find any of those pictures right now (read: lazy).

Instead of doing work, I've been busy procrastinating by planning my spring break to Cancun. Yes, that's right. After years of going to Paris for spring break, because I like to pretend to be all cultured and cosmopolitan, I've finally given in and succumbed to the stereotypical spring break plans. Or, I have a stupid conference in Boston that takes place the latter half of my week of spring break, and Cancun is really the only reasonably-priced destination that is (sort of) on the way to Boston from LA. On the way, if you count an approximately 2,000 mile detour "on the way". (Some people have mocked me for this. They're just jealous that they no longer have spring breaks.) And like hell I was giving up my whole spring break for something so lame as a conference which takes place in a cold city, to which I actually do have to go since I'm presenting a paper there. A paper I have yet to finish writing, but that is a different story and not entirely my fault.

So really, this was the best of both worlds, you see. I get a minuscule spring break, and I "get" to attend this conference. It will be awesome when I get to Boston and freeze to death after having spent 5 days on the beach. At least I will be tan as I shiver in my fur coat.

Also, I've never been to Mexico! This'll be fun!

(Actually, I initially wanted to go to Oaxaca. But... civil unrest! And crappy flight times! Then I was looking at Mexico City, but... Kidnappings! Lots of crime! And given that Cancun caters to tourists, it's actually the safest place to go. So rampant tourism, in this case, is actually a good thing.)

Anyways, so instead of, ahem, writing, I've been reading about Cancun even though the trip is four months off - which is really not a long time at all. Plane flights have been booked, as well as a darling bed-and-breakfast (so no, we're not staying on that strip of crazy-drunk-ass-wet-t-shirt-contest-all-inclusive hotel madness - gosh, I need to retain some vestiges of my snobbery). And I've been reading about the city, bemoaning the apparent lack of decent dining but excited for beaches and Mayan ruins.

In case you too are planning a trip to Cancun, here's some great information I found online:

Some women go topless on the beaches in Cancun, however this is more prevalent on the beaches in Playa del Carmen and the Mayan Riviera. Thongs are very popular as well. If you are a guy reading this you may think, excellent! You may however change your mind because lots of women who do go topless and wear a thong shouldn't. On the flip side many men parade around in their skintight speedos leaving nothing to the imagination. What's up with that?

Beach Fashion

It is interesting because you can tell where people are from by what they wear on the beach. Canadian and American men wear shorts, sunglasses and hats while Europeans wear speedos, jewelry and sunglasses. The Mexican men ware [sic] shorts, usually no hats or sunglasses.

European women have the most awesome bathing suits, especially the Italian women.

Beach Culture

The beaches in Mexico surprisingly are not as entertaining as beaches in Cuba. This will all change after Fidel dies and the Cubans are allowed to travel. This will mean a dramatic export of musicians and general freaks to Mexican beaches, Playa del Carmen in general.
I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. The funny thing is that the rest of the website is more informational in tone, and actually rather helpful (or at least seemingly so), so I don't know how these pithy tidbits got up there.