dimanche 12 novembre 2006

Really, sometimes it's just futile.

A little stuffed frog prince that I made for a friend. He's sort of gimpy, but then if he's a real blue-blood, perhaps that's not surprising.

Scene: At a party, where, for perhaps one of the first times ever, I felt on the old side (and at 26, that's usually pretty hard to accomplish). Maybe it had to do something with the fact that the people throwing the party were no more than a year or two out of college, but still in that college mentality where living in a teeny apartment where sharing a bathroom with 3 other people is still okay, as is having walk-through bedrooms and bedrooms without walls.
Stupid male: So, did we go to high school together?
Me: Hmm?
Stupid male: I think we went to high school together.
Me: No, I don't think so.
Stupid male: Are you sure? We didn't go to Santa Monica High together?
Me: I'm pretty sure we didn't.
Stupid male: Well, I wasn't sure initially, but then my friend over there [gestures to another misguided male] agreed with me and said he recognised you, so I'm pretty sure we were at the same high school.
Me: Well, I'm pretty sure you're wrong. I went to an all-girls' high school, so unless you and your friend both had sex changes, no, we did not go to high school together.