lundi 6 novembre 2006

I know I said I'd write about food...

But instead, I'd just like to point out what everyone knows - that this whole "falling back" thing timewise - just sucks. Not only because it now gets dark around 5pm - but also because, if you're me, and you prefer (unless it's happy hour) not to drink until the sun sets... Well, now that the sun sets so damn early, you start drinking earlier, and get talked into going to places that look like this:

Sorry for all the trees in the pictures, but you can still sort of make out how it looks like a sketchy-ass dive of a hotel, even though it's a bar.

And then you show up and wonder why nobody is there. But checking the clock - oh dear, it's only 8pm, and you're tired already. But there are still many more drinking hours left before the night is over.

Daylight savings time (or the lack thereof): Helping make people better alcoholics every day.