lundi 23 octobre 2006

More pickup lines that don't work.

(What I really want to post here is a picture of one of my friends walking around with a 10-inch long plastic penis sticking out of his back pocket, but unfortunately the picture is still on another friend's camera. So you can just imagine that it's here.)
"Can you see us together? Don't you think we'd make a great couple? Huh? Yeah?"
[Keep in mind, this guy looked a bit like this actor, but drunker and more bloated. Winner!]

"I know, you're still a virgin, aren't you?"
[Seriously, this was actually said to me.]

"What's the oldest guy you'd sleep with?"
[Said by previous bloated drunk, who was 44. 44! And gross!]

"You need to feel the moneymaker."
[Okay, perhaps not really a pickup line since it was said by my aforementioned friend who had stuffed the fake penis down his pants, but it was still sort of gross and creepy.]
By the way, those cane-style umbrellas make for excellent pointing mechanisms and self-defense weapons. I wonder if there's a way I can incorporate one in my daily wear, without seeming like a nutjob.