lundi 9 octobre 2006

More monday randomness.

The picture really has no relevance to anything, except for the fact that it was SO GOOD and LOOK at ALL the treats!! Hello, diabetic coma.

Is it strange to be so attached to a phone number? Last week, I finally gave up my old Providence phone number for a new Los Angeles number. It certainly makes sense, for (hopefully - although it is a very cute city and a great college town) I'll never live in Providence again, and I was tired of people going, "401? Where is that from? Northern California?" But I liked being from elsewhere, even though I'm from here originally. I like being different like that.

But it was a big decision, and one I wavered on for a long time, because I liked those ten digits which have been a part of me for the past five years. I almost didn't do it this time 'round, but then realised I was being ridiculous.

People are funny with their phone numbers. I had an ex who changed his phone number every time he moved to a new city (even if it was just for the summer), which was really annoying because I was forever having to update his information, but he liked being a part of where he was living. I've had friends who've thrown fits to get the "proper" area code, because heaven forbid they have a less desirable area code for the city in which they live. There's a certain cachet in some area codes, which is amusing because hi! Three digits don't really define you - but yet in some psychological sense, they do.

With that 401 link, I was still tied in some physical sense to the East coast. Now, I've sort of grudgingly settled into admitting that I'll be in LA for the time being.

At the very least, then, you'd think it could be sunny outside.