lundi 16 octobre 2006

Hi! I write so I can whine!

Ack, it's been a week already? Funny how time flies... when you have craploads of work to do. Even though I have an enviable 2.5 days of classes and 5-day weekends, I have so much schoolwork to do (namely, writing parts of my master's thesis, editing parts of my master's thesis, rewriting parts of my master's thesis, wanting to burn my master's thesis [if only it wasn't an electronic file - although I suppose I could print it out and then burn it], etc). Combine that with plans of some sort every single night (but fun plans, so I can't give them up), and you might begin to see that I am on the verge of sheer exhaustion. If I didn't have to see a single soul for the next couple of days, I'd be happy.

I mean, I am already over a month behind in reading all the gazillion magazines I subscribe to (in case you're interested: Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, Allure, Lucky, Domino, Gourmet, Saveur, Time, Condé Nast Traveler, Los Angeles Magazine), I barely have time to flip through the gazillion catalogues I receive (my apartment is apparently where trees go to die) and have hours of television-watching to catch up on. And since I spend so much of my time writing, do you really think that in the two seconds of free time I have I want to write MORE?

But I haven't forgotten you completely, my dears. We'll see what the following days bring. (If they brought me a nice red velvet cupcake, or better yet, a stupid Halloween costume, I wouldn't complain.)