mercredi 13 septembre 2006

Why is the bear sad?

While I love all the cards and presents I received on my birthday, I have to say, this card might be my hands-down favourite:

It was drawn for me by the friend of a friend's ex-boyfriend, who, when he found out it was my birthday, apparently took it upon himself to produce this card. What you can't see, but further adds to the charm of the card, is that it's torn across the bear's face as it was ripped from its notebook.

Every time I look at it I laugh a little.

Anyway, because school still hasn't started yet and because for some reason a bunch of my friends have moved there, I'm headed for DC tomorrow and will be back next week. I believe I have internet access there, but unless something astounding happens, I probably won't post.

Ta! I'll try to not get into too much trouble in our nation's capital. (Not like there is much trouble to get into - it's gotta have one of the dullest nightlifes. Although, the last several times I was there I managed to get up to no good at all.)

(Also! Love TSA's rules where you can bring 4 oz. of a "personal lubricant" but you cannot bring water or mascara. Also, gel-filled push-up bras are okay, but no toothpaste?)