lundi 11 septembre 2006

My birthday, in pictures and captions.

Party favours. Cupcakes (yes, that I'd crocheted myself) topped with rings purchased from two vendors on Etsy.

Some pictures of dinner, at my favourite wine bar, natch. Dinner included five different types of wine (including two different, and equally amazing, ciders), bruschetta, burrata with peaches and proscuitto, almonds, and olives, macaroni and cheese, charcuterie plates, garlic toast with gravlax, pig candy, and more. Dessert was my favourite - peach crumble with ice cream. Mmm.

Shots at the bar - yea or nay?

Really, these weren't all my drinks. Maybe half of them were, though.

The business card of some obnoxious friend-of-a-friend, left in the pile of non-dairy creamers at the deli we went to after drinking.

Ah, post-drinking nourishment in the form of matzo ball soup with extra noodles and kreplach.