jeudi 24 août 2006

What are we, in high school or something?

onions, sliced into rings + batter + hot oil

The aforementioned onion rings. The fries are underneath. You can't see them.

Conversation from last night:
"So, did you like our friend?"
"Our friend, Sherman."
"Who's that?"
"I think they're talking about the guy you were just talking to."
"Oh, him. I didn't think his name was Sherman, am I an idiot?"
"I think that's his last name."
"So, did you like him?"
"Yeah, he's nice."
"Can we give him your number?"
"Uh, he didn't ask for it."
"We know. Can we give it to him?"
"He's shy."
"He'll call you up and you have to dictate exactly where to meet and when."
"But he's really a nice guy."
"Yeah, he's really nice. Just shy."
"Are you the aggressive type? You have to be aggressive."
"Like we said. Just tell him Saturday at five and this place, for example."
"He's really a great guy though, just on the shyer end."
"So, can we have your number?"