lundi 7 août 2006

Random thoughts for a Monday.

1. It's like a harmless rendition of Bret Easton Ellis's Glamourama or Fight Club.

To add to the list of people who think they know me but actually don't: the hostess at the Cheesecake Factory (have not stepped in one in 6 years) and the founder of a charity whose benefit I decided to go to at the last minute. That was just this weekend. If we want to include the entire past month, there was also a woman I shared a shuttle with back from the airport and the owner of a bakery I'd never been in before. It is also amusing how insistent these people are who think they know me. They keep trying to puzzle it out. Obviously, I have some sort of doppelgänger walking about my part of LA, and I want to meet her, because here I'd been labouring under the impression that I was the only one who looked like me, and that I was special and all and I rather liked that.

2. Simple math.

If your ultimate goal is to get married
+ you can't see yourself ever marrying your boyfriend because you don't respect 1) his alma mater, 2) his friends, 3) his family, and 4) him
+ every night you go out together ends up in a gigantic fight
= maybe you should break up with him already, once and for all

3. Lame excuses.

I'd post a pretty picture here, or share more of what I did over the weekend, but yippee! I have a new computer! But new computer means no pictures are on this computer, and I haven't had time to transfer all my files, and I am late for work, so that's it for today. Instead, go here and freak out about the neighborhood in which you live. Or if you want something more pleasant, figure out what I should do for my 26th birthday, which is coming up in a month and two days.