vendredi 4 août 2006

I'm easily taken advantage of when I'm sleepy.

So I did make the peach ice cream, but since it looks awfully lot like the peach sherbet I made awhile ago (albeit a bit peachier in colour since I used yellow peaches instead of white), I decided not to post a picture.

Anyhow, so that guy called me, which was an utter surprise. More accurately, he called me last Friday in a total bootie call-type of move, which I didn't terribly mind because I'd already decided that this would never be a real relationship. So he called me last Friday, but I was already out (hi, it was 9:30 at night, obviously I was headed to my second bar), but then I called him back, and he said he'd call me back, and he never did. I think I might have also sent him a text message at like 1am when I was drunk because I was peeved - I mean, really, if you're going to set up a bootie call, please have the decency to follow through on it and not fall asleep or back out. It's only proper manners.

So I wrote him off, as I figured that was the end of that, especially since he never called me back last weekend. I mean, really.

Imagine my surprise, then, when he called me last night. Since I'd been awake since 5:45am (THAT'S RIGHT - see, when I work, I REALLY work - or at least I unfortunately have to be up early), I was a little tired, and confused, and perhaps I didn't ask enough questions and accepted too easily when he told me that he needs me to pretend that I'm his girlfriend this weekend so he can enter some wheel-spinning contest and win things. That's about all the details I remember, and maybe I get to go with him some weekend to Vegas? I am so confused, and I really hope he does call back today so that I can get some questions answered.

Maybe the first step is to get his last name.