lundi 10 juillet 2006

Until I recover...

This morning, I had the distinct pleasure of waking up at 4am Eastern, which, mind you, is earlier than any night I went to bed during my trip to New York. Needless to say, I am exhausted and any tales of drunken debauchery will have to wait until a later date.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with the most magnificent drinking game that my friend and I came up with yesterday while watching the World Cup finals. Unfortunately, we did not take part in this game because I hadn't gotten to bed 'til 5:30 that morning, and couldn't even contemplate the thought of alcohol. Good thing too, because we were going to watch the game at the French Club, and that probably wasn't such a good scene post-match.

But for the drinking game:

  • 1 sip/chug whenever the commentators mention Zidane
  • 1 extra sip/chug whenever Zidane's super-duper magical skill is mentioned
  • 1 extra sip/chug for every excessive platitude referencing Zidane
  • 1 sip/chug for every close-up of Zidane
  • 1 sip/chug for every gratituous mention of Zidane
Now, one sip/chug might not seem like very much, but if you watched ABC's coverage of the World Cup in the US, you'd have been drunk well before halftime, for the commentators were so effusive with their Zidane mentions that if they could jump into bed with him, they would have. One big group orgy, with Zidane at the center. Even when he wasn't directly mentioned in a play, the commentators managed to bring him up anyway. It was like there were no other players on the team. But my drinking game's not over yet.

  • 1 sip/chug for every overdramaticized dive a player (on either team) takes
  • 1 drink for every use of the magic spray
I think the magic spray is funny. And finally..

Because head-butting? Head-butting? REALLY? Who solves problems by using his/her head as a weapon?

And he STILL won the Golden Ball.