mercredi 5 juillet 2006

Still out of town.

Actually, I'm back in town, but only for 6 hours, for I leave for New York this evening. And I have to unpack from the weekend and repack, and figure out what to do in the case of rain. Rain! The horror!

In the meanwhile, watch soccer? The final's on Sunday! I'm rooting for France, of course, to make to the finals if not win the entire thing. I'd have rooted for the Swedish, but unfortunately they're not in the game anymore. Dammit. It's okay. All soccer players are hot, as captured by the following conversation:
"Why are you up so early?"

"I'm watching the World Cup, Germany vs. Argentina."

"Ooh, I want to marry them."

"Who? The Germans or the Argentines?"

"All of the guys from the World Cup. They are all so hot. I want to marry all of them."
Anyway, see you next week. I think that's when I get back. Unfortunately, probably not married to a hot soccer player.