vendredi 14 juillet 2006

Other highlights from the weekend.

No, not her building, but nearby - and just look at how pretty the city can be.

The weather, contrary to my expectations, was WONDERFUL. I've lived in New York through a summer, and it is often brutally miserable, the asphalt emphasizing the horrible heat. But not this past weekend! It was lovely! I was so so happy, especially because I deal Very Poorly with humidity. But this trip - the weather gods were in accord with my wishes, and it was just loverly.

He especially likes to hide under her bed.

The friend I was staying with, aside from living in a charming brownstone in the very plum location of the mid-70s and less than one block away from Central Park, had a DOG. Unfortunately, it wasn't white, but who cares? It was housetrained and well-behaved and I got to walk it and play with it, thereby satisfying my desires for a dog of my own for another couple of months or so.

The wine that was "hidden" in a messenger bag so it wasn't super-obvious that we were drinking on the stoop. Not that the wine glasses weren't a dead giveaway.

My first night there, we decided (after having gone to an art opening in SoHo and perhaps getting a little drunk) to get "something quick" for dinner, since I hadn't gotten very much sleep due to the fact that I took a redeye. This "something quick" devolved into sitting on the stoop of a nearby wine shop (literally 40 paces from my friend's apartment, I later counted) with the owner and having pizza delivered to us while we were still on the stoop at 3am. Because apparently, what with the ice luge, I was all about class this weekend.

The MOMA, which I hadn't been to since it re-opened, is super cool.

You can't really tell from this picture, but these are the 12 signs of the zodiac.

So is this window at one of my most favourite stores, Henri Bendel.

There was another an art opening which coincided with the Argentinian Independence Day at the Argentine Consulate which then devolved into running all over the East Village and Lower East Village trying on hats and drinking, eventually culminating in a gigantic serving of "Belgian Fries" from some random weird store.

And, last but not least, I had A LOT of hot dogs, which makes me so happy. But no, that's not a picture of hot dogs above. They're not always the most photogenic things, you know, especially if you scarf them down so quickly there's nothing to photograph.