mercredi 19 juillet 2006

Humidity killed the creativity.

Sorry for the lack of interestingness, but I've - gasp - actually started working (mostly only mornings though, thankfully - I don't think I have the stamina to work entire days), and so have been focused on that and doing some data analysis for my master's thesis (yes, second master's degree, but first thesis. Boo on the thesis. Also, I will have lots and lots of letters after my name. It is rather exciting. Maybe I should get another degree just to add to all the abbreviations.)

Anyway, for the last two days in a row, I've received a call from ABC from some producer there who wants my input on some story they're doing (I am obviously very good at noting details and listening). Yes, this would be exciting and all, except it's very apparent that they've the wrong person. The person they're looking for has the same first name that I do, and apparently also works in child development, but looks at children and stereotypes. Some of my work looks at stereotypes, but it's not the focus, and by no means am I expert enough to give an educated opinion of whatever this producer is looking for. The only expert opinions I'm suited to give are on: 1) how to procrastinate; 2) ... hrm, I think procrastinating is it.

What I really really want to do is call this producer up and lead her down a long, winding, highly misinforming pathway until I reveal that I'm, in fact, not who she's looking for. Unfortunately, I instinctively keep erasing the voicemails before taking down the phone number. Dammit. I'm hoping she calls back tomorrow.