mercredi 28 juin 2006

What do you do when it gets hot?

When I woke up at 7:55am (WHY can I not sleep in? Oh right, because the city has decided to start jackhammering outside my apartment at that early hour), my thermostat said it was already 77 degrees (which would be approximately 22 degrees Celsius, if you're interested). Which just means it's only going to get hotter.

All I want to do these days is lie on the couch sucking down lemonade and eating ice cream. I suppose it's a good thing then, that I have an ice cream machine and can make my own ice cream, like the peach sherbet pictured below - made with farmers' market fresh peaches, of course. It'd probably be oranger if I used regular peaches, but I like white peaches the best, hence the paler colour. Ice cream's the only thing that's saving me in these hot times, since I can't fathom turning on the stove or oven for any amount of time.

It's a really good thing I don't live on the East coast right now. I hear their weather's worse.