mardi 6 juin 2006

Nearly live-time posting: It doesn't get any better than this.

(Procrastinate? Me? What?)

Lunch today: a modified panzanella.

Tomatoes and avocado purchased from the farmers' market, where I saw not only Jake Gyllenhaal but Bill Murray (or a Bill Murray lookalike - I didn't want to stand there staring as I tried to figure it out) as well. Produce and movie stars make for a well-rounded morning. Homemade croutons courtesy of my mother, who has been obsessively making them for the past six months because my father is addicted. All topped off with basil from my windowsill garden, grana padano from the supermarket, a splash of garlic oil and balsamic vinegar, and a flurry of fleur de sel (had I truffle salt, I'd have used that instead. Note to self: buy truffle salt already, for it'd also be really good on scrambled eggs).

All washed down with a glass of ginger brew, my summertime favourite drink. (That and coconut soda. Coconut soda is also amazing in mixed drinks.)

The only thing that'd make this meal even better were if I were in Tuscany. Or on the beach. But location aside, you can't ask for a more perfect summer meal.