jeudi 8 juin 2006

I know I shouldn't be complaining about the weather, but Still.

It's around 4-ish PM here, and the sun is out. Which is nice.

Do you know when it wasn't out?


Okay, to be fair, you can tan through clouds, which I did. But it is not the same. I like there to be sun when I am at the beach. Not clouds, and not incoming fog.

Do you see the hills? No? Might that be because THERE IS FOG BLOCKING YOUR VIEW OF THEM?

And these pictures were taken at 2 in the afternoon, so there is no excuse for this lack of sunshine. No siree. I live in Southern California, and I hate June gloom. Especially when it lasts for 4 days straight.

But no fear, our trip to the beach wasn't a complete loss. For I did get some colour. And, better yet, I got food! From LA's answer to those lovely New England seafood shacks I miss dearly.

You can't get lobster rolls here, unfortunately. But you can get deep fried seafood.

No, that wasn't all mine. But half of it was. And maybe my eyes were bigger than my stomach, but I hadn't eaten all day, and fish and chips AND clam strips sounded like a fine meal. Which it was. Unfortunately, I could only tuck half of it away before I had to admit defeat.

But the next time I head out to the beach, there better be sun. I'm just saying. If I wanted clouds and crappy weather, I'd have stayed on the East coast.