jeudi 15 juin 2006

Day trips are fun!

Because I am now done with school for the year (yay! Except for this grant proposal I have to write. But the guy I'm writing it with is in Italy, lucky him, and I can't work on it until I get back), I have nothing to do. Nothing. At least, not until I start work next week (supposedly - nobody seems to know what I'm doing, including me).

So when Jen said she had to go to Santa Barbara for work, I was all, "Hey! Can I tag along too? Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?"

And she is nice and said yes. Because, you see, there are only so many movies and books you can read while alternating such activities with sleeping on the couch/outside/in bed/anywhere comfortable (narcoleptic much?).

Top row: Pictures of the shoreline. It's pretty, isn't it?
Bottom row: Pictures of State Stree, the main drag. I love jacaranda trees, except when I park under them and the flowers stick to my car.

So I walked around and did some window shopping and met a friend who works at the museum and went down to the pier and otherwise acted the part of a lady of leisure. Which I totally am, by the way, school notwithstanding. I might complain about homework, but I love having my own schedule.

Then Jen got out of work, yippee, and that's when the fun began. After buying her a new outfit (to get her out of her business casual attire - I was all cute skirt and flip flops [when I first wrote that, I accidentally spelled it fliipfloops, and I sort of like that alternate spelling] per usual). We first stopped in for a happy hour at this restaurant my friend recommended. And we looked around, and there were a LOT of old people wearing name tags. A LOT. Here are some pictures.

Do you like our stealth pictures, whereby I pretended that I was taking a picture of Jen while really focusing on the old people? In the left-most picture, that lady was being so damn difficult with her drinks. She asked the bartender what martinis they offered, and then decided she wanted something they didn't have. And I have no idea what that guy in the rightmost picture is doing.

So we asked the bartender what the event was. "A singles mixer," he responded. "You came on a good night," he continued. A good night if one wanted an old fart of a sugar daddy! And after we finished our drink and potstickers, we hightailed it out of there, especially as we were getting some speculative looks from some of the old guys.

And we headed over to a wine bar, near which we had oh-so-conveniently and coincidentally parked. Wine bar! Two of my most favourite words in the English language! (I think I have a lot of favourite words that revolve around drinking and eating and shopping.) Obviously we had to stop in and drink and eat more. And drink and eat more we did.

I also had to take a picture of this ridiculous lady who was lounging on the coffee table/ottoman behind us. Unfortunately, what you can't see is that she was doing leg lifts as well, demonstrating her lithe flexibility. Or just being a weird older man-hungry woman trying to snare the guy they were with. Maybe she should have been at that singles mixer. I'm just saying.

Aren't the wine labels cute? We decided to drink local wines, because we could. I really like the polka dots on the rosé. Then we also got a cheese plate, pâté au poivre, and onion rings. A well-rounded meal.

The food and drink was good too, in case you were wondering.

Here is a blurry picture of us. I don't know why, but I rather like it.

We had a bit to drink. So I made Jen take some bread, which I "stealthily" dropped into a napkin pocket I fashioned out of, yes, napkins. (It was all about the "stealth" last night.) I don't know who I thought I was fooling, especially after I decided I had to take a picture of it.

And then we had to drive back to LA. Or rather, Jen did, and I just sat in the passenger seat blathering away as always. But it was great to get out of LA, even if only for a brief while.