mardi 20 juin 2006

Another reason I need to leave LA.

Great. A past fling just moved to Newport Beach to start his residency. This is what part of his IM to me last night said, before he asked me out:
Hey, the other day I was throwing away a bunch of my stuff and I cam [sic] across that hawaiian shirt I wore when we went out that one time -- I remember u were a big fan so I kept it in case we meet again.
When he says "big fan", he must've misinterpreted my polite comment that probably went along the lines of, "Oh, nice shirt". I didn't mean it. It had volcanos on it. He dressed so much better the rest of the time, and the one time we went out, he wore a goddamn Hawaiian shirt and stupid fisherman's sandals and smelled like Love's Baby Soft. Guys really need to learn that when it comes to cologne, a teeny tiny bit goes a long long long way. Not to mention, why the hell did he smell like that?


However, as I have successfully avoided him for the past three years, I daresay I can do so for another three, if not more, even if he said that he hoped we could start over when he moved out here. Start over from where? We never really truly dated, just had that brief summertime flirtation three years ago. He tried to ask me out when I lived in Boston last year and I blew him off then too. Multiple times.

At least he is not living in my apartment complex. Another guy here might have been just too much for me.

I would like to know why my past has been coming back to haunt me. I am far too young for this to be happening now. Maybe in like 30 years, but not now. New guys, that's what I want. New guys I can reject for reasons beknownst only to me. (Even my horoscope the other day said that I need to give guys a first chance - but they have to prove themselves worthy first, don't you think?) I want tingly feelings of ooh-this-is-new-and-exciting-what-could-happen?, rather than tingly feelings of if-I-kick-him-in-the-shins-is-that-considered-rude? I am one of those who firmly believes that past relationships/flings/what-have-yous should stay in the past and not be resurrected in the present. Because that's why they ended up in the past in the first place.