mardi 23 mai 2006

Why my friends are the best, reason #231345

Setting: My friend is driving the both of us back to my apartment. She honks at someone who pulled out of his/her parking space without looking.

Me: Why did you honk?

Her: I thought it was your ex.

Me: You can't even see the gender of the driver.

Her: I know, but I also know that your ex has an SUV and he'd be the kind of asshole to pull out of a parking spot without checking to see if there's anyone else around.
Also, I have become fascinated with my Amazon wishlist, and spend many a procrastinatory minute adding things to it, and then (my favourite part is) going to the section where they make recommendations of things they think you'd like (based on what's on your wishlist along with things you've ordered) and telling them if their guesses are good or not. I daresay, they need to tinker with their algorithm a little bit - just because you put an immersion blender on your wishlist does not mean you want to be inundated with suggestions for other immersion blenders, because really, what home chef needs more than one of them? Same with all the crappy boring books they keep suggesting along the lines of qualitative research just because I bought one (which I never opened) last quarter. Really. Stop with the qualitative books. They bore me.

Anyhow, I'm off to the East coast for the long weekend (school, what?), and I promise that I will bring back lots of stories of when-I-was-drunk (which is like, practically all of my stories, I think) and hopefully not too many complaints about the weather (HAHAHA, that is funny, because I have already started complaining about it and I haven't even started packing yet).