mercredi 3 mai 2006

A weekend of baking.

For a cousin's birthday party over the weekend, I tried to make cupcakes this weekend. Tried being the operative word. I have no idea what happened, but I wish I had caught the falling of the cupcakes on video. I watched, crestfallen, through the oven door, as my cupcakes rised nicely, and then fell like sinkholes. Plop. Plop. Plop. It was disheartening, especially since I had made this recipe before and the last time it turned out fine.

So, since I had a limited time frame, I had to resort to - gasp! - cake mix. There was no other option. And this time, mercifully, the cupcakes turned out fine. And so I frosted the chocolate cupcakes with a mint buttercream frosting, as I thought that'd be a nice contrast. And it was.

I also ended up making a strawberry tart for my mother. I was sort of scared making the pâté brisée crust - not because I had never made it before, because I have - but scared because did you see the cupcake disaster? Luckily, it turned out fine, and the tart not only looked all pretty but the sweet strawberries (and marscapone cheese, mmm) served to nicely counterbalance the more savory buttery crust. Mmm, buttery crusts.